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Public Media Metadata Co-op


Goals and Benefits

Goal: Identify your organization's metadata team by inventorying where audiences watch and experience your content. How:  A simple listing of locations where audiences experience your content, grouped by viewing platform, promotional spaces, metadata aggregators, and internal reports. Benefits: a) When show metadata changes, this portfolio provides a quick inventory of all the platforms where the change needs to be applied; and b) helps to identify the metadata deemed high-value.


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Identify platforms where audiences experience and watch your content.


  1. Write a list of the places where audiences experience your content - whether social channels, broadcast platforms, or streaming platforms to name a few.

    Optionally, capture popular reports or tools used within the organization.
  2. Per platform, identify a person/Domain Steward who sets business objectives and assigns priorities for the audience experience.
  3. Per platform, identify a person/Data Custodian who collects data and performs tactical day-to-day maintenance.