Public Media Enterprise Metadata Management

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Why prioritize internal metadata management?

The world’s creative and platform economies are converging.

  • Viewers have access to an abundance of content, with the availability of rapidly growing VOD libraries.
  • Content recommendation engines have become the norm for linear and non-linear end-user displays.
  • Search, Recommendation and Discovery engines leverage consistent metadata.

Content is connected cross-platform using metadata digitally across networks, devices, and formats.

  • Digital publishing chains require a high-quality metadata record that is retrievable – not curated - at the time of distribution.
  • Viewer "Taste Profiles" are matched with a show's metadata to uncover new watch options.

Content discovery and awareness are driven through metadata and technology.

  • Reinforce the PBS brand for the multi-platform landscape;
  • Provide high-quality metadata through the entire show life-cycle; and,
  • Capture metadata correctly the first time it enters the workflow.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Today's digital publishing chain requires agility and accuracy of metadata at its core.

Electronic Program Guides are replaced with recommendation engines, viewer taste profiles, and AI-driven discovery sessions. These technologies are dependent on standardized metadata and are not tailored to idiosyncratic data.

AI is set to be the key source of competitive advantage contributing to 45% of total economic gains by 2030.Read more.And with a sea of content options, discovery technologies help Viewers find 'what to watch' specific to their taste profile. This, in turn, facilitates Viewer loyalties to otherwise unknown content.

What is Metadata?

Metadata must be treated as a corporate asset.

Metadata is a key component of our future infrastructure. Metadata is not infrastructure that you can touch with your hands. It is not a piece of hardware. Rather, metadata is an abstract layer that a media company needs to move into the future.