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Public Media Metadata Co-op

Prioritizing metadata to enable audiences
to encounter Public Media content without friction.

What is metadata? Information in context.

As platforms and channels proliferate, industry-standard metadata is what connects audiences to Public Media content. Faced with an abundance of content across dozens of rapidly growing video-on-demand platforms, audiences are overwhelmed. Search, recommendation and discovery (SRD) engines help audiences tired of scrolling decide what to watch.

Metadata-driven tools for content discovery that we are tracking include:


The Cost of Doing Nothing

To fully realize the return on investment for quality content — audiences must be able to find and serendipitously discover it. 

The more recommendation engines aide viewers through a sea of content options, the more those engines rely on  "common metadata" — structured according to widely accepted entertainment terminology and standards.


Get Started

Identify how show information travels through your organization.

Focus on the metadata with a direct impact to audiences


Metadata management is not about all. Focus on what audiences see - this is your organization's high-value metadata.

Map each metadata element/field to an accountable person


Today's landscape requires metadata to be captured correctly and early. Identify who captures metadata as it enters the organization.

Establish one place where shared show information is retrievable


Data democratization is the ability for show information to be easily accessible within a reasonable time-frame and without tech assistance.

Metadata Tools

Why do we have silos of inconsistent metadata? 
The basic answer is, trust.

Metadata governance promotes transparency and consistency of show metadata.