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Public Media Metadata Co-op

The Entertainment Identification Registry assigns
globally unique identifiers to Creative Works.

What type of creative works does EIDR support?TV, Radio, Web, and Interactive Games among others.

Comcast, TiVo, Movielabs, and CableLabs formed an industry consortium to leverage a shareable identifier. Rarely can a single tool serve all needs within Public Media or even within our individual organizations. Even if one succeeds in doing so initially, business needs change, and external mandates, such as integration with [partners and platforms], mean that you can’t expect to escape pressure to share identifiers.

What is an identifier?


Identifiers, usually an arbitrary number, are used in our everyday lives. From social security numbers to usernames to license plates, we cannot escape the need for shareable identifiers.

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EIDR Membership: An Onboarding Guidebook

The EIDR ID is being adopted by Public Broadcasting to enable the identification
of public media content across vast content libraries both on-air and on-demand.

Required Fields

Approximate Length Show runtime

Episode Number Your organization's house number
Episode Class Main, Recut, Segment, or Special

Distribution Number Order of display
Director's Name
Producer's Name
Language Mode Audio vs. AudioVisual
Resource Name Title of the Creative Work
Series Class Episodic, Anthology, or Mini-series

Referent Type Original usage of a Creative Work TV, Web, Short, Supplemental or Interactive Material (Games) 
Release Date Year od date when Creative Work is released to audiences

Season Class Main, Recut, Mini-series
Sequence Number Season number displayed to viewers
Title Language The language the title is written in
Title Class Working title vs. final title.
Manifestation Class HD vs. SD
Edit Use Version of the storyline Original, Censored, Extended, Shortened
Commissioning Broadcaster First network that released the show.
Country of Origin Derived from the production company's mailing address
Original Language Predominant language spoken in the Creative Work


PBS Member Stations

The following PBS Member Stations are registering their local productions into the EIDR Registry.

Others in Public Media



Downloadable Tip Sheets

Download helpful reminders on how to register shows into the EIDR Registry.

EIDR Membership

Who can become an EIDR member? 
PBS Member Stations with local productions

The PBS Publicity team registers all PBS greenlit content. PBS Producers, Should you desire to register your content during production, you may either: 
1) Become an EIDR member or 2) Use the Title Registrar's online service