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Video Service Adoption Jumps Year Over Year

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As platforms and channels proliferate, common metadata is the currency to connect Viewers to Public Media content together. The much anticipated annual Video Trends Report, published by TIVO, captures how Viewers navigate a fragmented media landscape. From voice search to free entertainment services, this report corroborates the need to prioritize metadata.

Following are a few noteworthy highlights:

Viewers prefer free entertainment services such as YouTube and Facebook.
- Among cord-cutters, free services charted the highest satisfaction rates.

37ish is the average age of cord-"nevers".
- Most cord-cutters cite cost as the motivation to leave Pay-TV.

The joy of channel surfing is waning; viewers have content fatigue.
- Viewers are making what-to-watch choices using pre-made category lists.
- Voice searching and improved search engines mitigate fatigue.

Fatigue resonates with each of us.

We each hear of shows that pique our interests. Once the occasional free weekend comes along, we channel surf. And search. And search. We try keywords: "Find shows about Adventure". We try an actor's name: "Find shows with Kevin ______." We try a theme: "Find shows about the civil war." Exasperated, we open the Internet to repeat the discovery process.

What stands between you and finding good content?